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Grant Applications are online!

We are excited to announce that NC Division of Parks & Recreation (DPR) grants are moving to a web-based application and grant management system. This includes the following grant programs:

  • Parks & Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF)including the Accessible Parks program
  • Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)
  • Recreational Trails Fund (RTP)
  • Complete the Trails (CTP)

WebGrants has been successfully implemented and utilized by many Parks & Recreation departments across the country, and DPR looks forward to bringing this system to our NC communities. Over the next fiscal year (2023-2024), all applications, active grants, and closed grants will be migrated to WebGrants. Training webinars and create user guides for all grant programs will be made available. Use this guide as you create a WebGrants profile.

Register and create a profile in the new WebGrants system!
WebGrants Webinar Slides

Parks & Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF)

Application Cycle

Opens annually in October

Application deadline is May 1st each year

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Learn more about NC PARTF and download forms / application

Partf resource guides
PARTF Application Guide Videos

PARTF Accounting Guide Videos

Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)

Application Cycle

Opens annually in March

Application deadline is October 1st each year

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Learn more about LWCF

List of NC funded local government projects

LWCF Resource guides
2021 LWCF Application Webinar

Visit the National Park Service website for forms / grant administration manual

Accessibility for Parks

2022 Accessibility For Parks (AFP) Grant: The NC General Assembly approved a one time fund of $10 million to provide matching grants to local parks facilities for children with disabilities and veterans with disabilities. This program is for grants to local government units for:

  • construction of special facilities or adaptation of existing facilities that meet the unique needs of children with disabilities and veterans with disabilities or,
  • that enable them to participate in recreational and sporting activities, regardless of their abilities.

Match Requirement: Grantees shall provide matching funds in the amount of one dollar ($1.00) of local funds for every five
dollars ($5.00) of State funds.

Maximum grant request is $500,000

Download the Application and associated resources on the Division of Parks & Recreation website

Grant application instructional videos for AFP may be found on the RRS YouTube channel

AFP Application Video 1
Overview & Application Checklist

AFP Application Video 2
Preparing your Application
AFP Application Video 3
Scoring System & Definitions

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