Native Plant Grant Opportunities

This list is not all inclusive. Current listing of potential grant opportunities focused on native plants and seeds. Please share any updates with RRS so we may keep this resource up to date.

Organization: North Carolina Native Plants Society

Grant Program: B.W. Wells Scholarship Fund

Focus: The fund provides support for projects that involve the installation of new native plant gardens, restoration and maintenance of existing natural plant communities, and public education on native plants and their benefits and conservation.

Allowable Projects: Projects may include but are not limited to:

• Management of natural plant communities in North Carolina, e.g., invasive species control, prescribed burns, erosion control

• Preparation, installation, and care of native plant and pollinator gardens

• Development, production, and distribution of educational programs and materials promoting native plants and their habitats

Eligible Applicants: Organizations, including federal, state, and local agencies, and local community organizations.

Grant Amount: Grants up to $1,000.

Deadline: Sept. 1, yearly.


Organization: Wild Ones

Grant Program: Lorrie Otto Seeds for Education Program

Focus: The program provides meaningful learning opportunities that connect youth to nature and the Wild Ones mission.

Allowable Projects: Native plant gardens and landscaping projects throughout the U.S. The funds are designated for acquiring native plants and seeds for outdoor learning areas that engage youth (preschool to high school) directly in planning, planting, and caring for native plant gardens. 

Examples include:

  • Pollinator gardens.
  • Rain gardens to improve water quality.
  • Tallgrass prairies.
  • Native plant monarch waystations featuring community science activities.
  • Sensory and natural playgrounds.

Eligible Applicants: All public and private schools, nonprofits such as nature centers, youth organizations and community youth centers in the U.S.

Grant Amount: Grants range from $100-$200.

Deadline: Applications accepted July 14-Nov. 15.


Organization: T. Gilbert Pearson Audubon Society

Grant Program: T. Gilbert Pearson Audubon Society Grant Program

Focus: The program provides small to medium projects that support our goals to foster appreciation, knowledge, and enjoyment of birds and nature, and preserve our natural heritage. 

Allowable Projects: Any grant requests for gardens must be for  plants, shrubs, and trees native to North Carolina or the Southeast.

Eligible Applicants: Chapter members and people from the community.

Grant Amount: Grants up to $500.

Deadline: Ongoing.


Organization: Cape Fear Garden Club, Inc.

Grant Program: Cape Fear Garden Club Grants

Focus: The program seeks to to promote beautification, education, and

conservation in New Hanover County.

Allowable Projects: Plants, soil additions or amendments, and

irrigation systems.

Eligible Applicants: Nonprofit organizations in New Hanover County, N.C.

Grant Amount: Varies by request.

Deadline: Applications accepted yearly from May 1-June 15.


Organization: The Garden Club Council 

Grant Program: Community Grants: Protection & Preservation Grants, and Beautification Grants.

Focus: The Community Grants program provides funding for the protection and preservation of landscapes and the natural environment, and for the beautification of the environment.

Allowable Projects: Protection & Preservation Grants fund expenses, such as speaker fees, sponsorships, and relevant materials. Beautification Grants fund expenses for plant material only.

Eligible Applicants: Nonprofit organizations located in Forsyth County, N.C.

Grant Amount: Varies by request.

Deadline: March 1 and Sept. 1.

Contact Information:


Organization: Keep Spartanburg Beautiful

Grant Program: Community Beautification Mini-Grants

Focus: The program funds projects that promote beautification in areas such as rights-of-way, medians, neighborhood entrance signs, murals, neighborhood playgrounds, lighting or other natural areas in order to improve the Spartanburg County environment

Allowable Projects: Funding available for:

  • Beautification through planting of native species, perennials, trees, vegetable gardens, and graffiti removal and prevention.
  • Areas in public right-of-way or with areas accessible to the public.
  • Litter prevention and cigarette litter prevention.

Eligible Applicants: Organizations in Spartanburg County, N.C.

Grant Amount: Grants up to $2,500.

Deadline: Sept. 31.


Organization: North Carolina Forest Service

Grant Program: Urban and Community Forestry Financial Assistance Program

Focus: The program seeks to assist municipalities with reaching a level of sustainable Urban and Community Forestry management that matches their goals and capacity.

Allowable Projects: Applicants may apply for funding for the following.

  • Administration and Staffing
  • Community Forestry Activities
  • Advocacy group development
  • Community forestry plans
  • Education and outreach events
  • Media products and campaigns
  • Stakeholder surveys
  • Volunteer stewardship programs
  • Workforce Development
  • Urban Forestry Practices
  • Ordinance and policy development
  • Tree inventories and assessments
  • Tree planting and maintenance
  • Urban forest practice plans
  • Urban forest management plans
  • Special Projects – creative or broad impact project ideas outside the above categories will be considered and are encouraged to apply.

Eligible Applicants: Governing agencies, municipalities, public schools, colleges and universities, tribal governments, incorporated HOAs, and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

Grant Amount: Varies by request.

Deadline: Jan. 1 and July 1, yearly. Some additional funding may pop up throughout the year.


Organization: North Carolina Native Plants Society

Grant Program: Alice Zawadzki Land Conservation Fund

Focus: The Fund supports land purchases that conserve natural plant habitats and communities.

Allowable Projects: Land conservation projects may include, but are not limited to:

• land purchase, particularly where a matching funding source is available

• boundary surveys and legal fees

• floristic inventories in relation to land purchase or conservation easements

Eligible Applicants: Land conservancies, non-profit groups, and agencies involved in conservation of native plant habitat.

Grant Amount: Grants up to $3,000. Two-three grants are given each year.

Deadline: June 1.


Organization: National Garden Clubs

Grant Program: Plant America Community Project Grant

Focus: The grant program provides funding for physical landscaping or environmental projects, or for horticultural or educational opportunities for the community.

Allowable Projects: The scope of these projects in communities may include:

  • Beautification and/or restoration
  • Community gardens
  • School gardens/classrooms
  • Landscaping for Habitat for Humanity Homes
  • Landscaping of Blue Star or Gold Star Memorial Markers
  • Implementation of environmental practices
  • A horticulture or environmental educational event for the public

Eligible Applicants: Individual and Near Garden Clubs that are members of National Garden Clubs, Inc. Projects submitted for receiving a grant may be a joint venture with another organization(s). 

Grant Amount: Grants up to $2,000.

Deadline: Applications accepted April 1- Oct. 15.

Contact Information:


Organization: The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

Grant Program: FTPF Orchard Grant

Focus: The grant program donates orchards where the harvest will best serve communities for generations, at places such as community gardens, public schools, city/state parks, low-income neighborhoods, Native American reservations, international hunger relief sites, and animal sanctuaries.

Allowable Projects: Recipients must either a) own the planting site, b) have a long-term lease in place, or c) work with a nonprofit or government entity that owns the planting site with a long-term usage agreement in place.

Eligible Applicants: Nonprofit organizations, NGOs, public schools, and  government entities. Grant Amount: In-kind donation of high-quality fruit trees and shrubs, equipment, on-site orchard design expertise and oversight, horticultural workshops, and aftercare training and manuals. The organization also subsidizes deer fencing and drip irrigation as needed, and incorporates these installations into the event day.

Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Contact Information:


Organization: Jane Goodall Institute

Grant Program: Roots & Shoots Project Grants

Focus: The grant program provides funding to start (or continue) a community-action project to positively impact people, other animals, and/or the environment.

Eligible Applicants: Young people, educators, individuals, and group leaders based in the U.S. Applicants must be a Roots & Shoots Member (free to join).

Grant Amount: $250 grants.

Deadline: Spring grant cycle is slated to open in early March 2024.


Organization: National Garden Clubs

Grant Program: Operation Wildflower

Focus: The Operation Wildflower program provides funding to be used towards direct expenses for an educational program on the subject of native plants and wildflowers.

Allowable Projects: 

  • One or more topics on native flora: endangered species, plants for butterflies, plants for special habitats, identification using keys, invasive species management, etc.
  • Public planting: state highways, rest areas, preservation of community natural areas.
  • Propagation of wildflowers.
  • Designing native plant gardens or developing nature trails.
  • Native Plants and Wildflower Awards information.

Eligible Applicants: State Garden Clubs, districts, councils and individual garden clubs may co-sponsor a symposium with state agencies, arboreta, native plant societies, or similar organizations.

Grant Amount: $500.

Deadline: Applications accepted on an ongoing basis.

Contact Information:


Organization: National Garden Clubs

Grant Program: Youth Pollinator Gardens Grant

Focus: The grant program provides support for Garden Clubs working with youth clubs or groups planning and planting Pollinator Gardens.

Allowable Projects: Projects that include educational materials on the vital role pollinators play in nature and youth involvement in planning and planting gardens providing nesting and food sources for pollinators.

Eligible Applicants: Garden clubs.

Grant Amount: Grants up to $200.

Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Contact Information:


Organization: National Wildlife Federation

Grant Program: Native Tree Seedlings Grants

Focus: The program provides reimbursement for free or subsidized native tree seedlings to partners who in turn plant them through local restoration projects or community tree giveaway events.

Eligible Applicants: Existing partners of the National Wildlife Federation and our State Affiliates, including those participating in the following programs: Community Wildlife Habitat™, Mayors’ Monarch Pledge, Schoolyard Habitats®, and Eco-Schools US programs.

Grant Amount: Native tree seedling reimbursement.

Deadline: Applications accepted on an ongoing basis.

Contact Information:


Organization: United Plant Savers

Grant Program: UpS Community Grants

Focus: The grant program provides funding for community planting projects.

Allowable Projects: Grant proposals must be educational in nature.An example is a replanting project of “at-risk” plant species at a public school. If funds are being requested for the purchase of plant material, applicants must demonstrate an understanding of the appropriate growing conditions and ecology of the plant species being considered.

Eligible Applicants: Grant recipient must be a current member of United Plant Savers.

Grant Amount: Grant range from $200-$500.

Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Contact Information: