What Folks Are Saying about the Women’s LeadHERship Workshop:

I was first sent to the Women’s LeadHERship Workshop in 2014 as a part-time employee with the Town of Garner. I was very excited as this was my first real opportunity to network and learn new things about the Parks and Recreation field. I met so many accomplished women and learned a lot about myself. I left the workshop more energized and motivated than I had ever been before. Shortly after attending, I interviewed and was offered a full-time position with the Town of Wake Forest as a Recreation Superintendent.  I know that the things I learned at the workshop enabled me to be more confident in pursuing my new career path. The Women’s LeadHERship Workshop lit a fire in me that still burns today.”
Monica Lileton, Recreation Programs Superintendent – Town of Wake Forest 
“How to Know When to Stay or When to Go” – It was a catchy title for a LeadHERship session led by my professional mentor a few years ago.  Intrigued, I sat down to listen…and my career path changed that day!  Why should YOU attend LeadHERship?  To discover your own takeaway!  It might be a nugget of professional wisdom.  Perhaps it’ll be a great networking opportunity.  Or maybe, just maybe, it will be a motivational nudge to an exciting new direction in YOUR life!  Attend and find out.”
Amy Rickman, Marketing/Accreditation Coordinator – City of Alpharetta Georgia Recreation and Parks 
“…Over the last 5 years, LeadHERship has been such a ‘breath of fresh air’ and we are proud to be able to continue our support for this outstanding event that strengthens women in leadership… I myself gained a lot of personal growth from participating in this event!”
Ann W. Collier, AIA – Oakley Collier Architects, PA