Encourage excellence in recreation, parks, and outdoor space design with a goal to foster public health and inclusivity by providing knowledge and technical expertise.

Recreation Resources Service (RRS)

RRS is the nation’s oldest technical assistance program for parks and recreation agencies in North Carolina. RRS provides technical assistance, applied research, and continuing education for the state. Services are available to government agencies, citizen boards, civic and service groups, schools, youth agencies, hospitals, senior centers, commercial, and non-profit organizations. Recreation Resources Service can assist you in establishing, improving, and or expanding recreation and leisure services in your area of North Carolina.

Services are provided through a partnership of the Division of Park and Recreation-North Carolina Department of Environment & Natural Resources and the Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management, North Carolina State University. RRS began as a function of the State of North Carolina Recreation Commission in 1943.

Our Team

The work of RRS is accomplished by six full time staff, which include a director and four regional consultants. RRS maintains three field offices throughout the state to serve its constituents.

Select Services

RRS concentrates on four types of services: technical assistance, field administration for the Land & Water Conservation Fund and the Park & Recreation Trust Fund, applied research and continuing education.