Who YOU Are, Who WE ARE – Presented by Cindi King, Cary Parks, Recreation & Cultural Resources – https://mymediasite.online.ncsu.edu/online/Play/77e97346223640cfad04b302eaaaecbb1d

Challenges, Successes and How to Press the “Pause” Button – Presented by Jodie Adams, Springfield/Green County Parks and Recreation; Past President of NRPA-
“Be Smart” Presented by Vonda Martin, Greensboro Parks and Recreation – https://mymediasite.online.ncsu.edu/online/Play/daab7c4f6a304d25a9ab5ff4b1f283ef1d
Presented by Dina Neeley, Musco Lighting – https://mymediasite.online.ncsu.edu/online/Play/947165a67c4f4b82943c3e0393cd11371d
Professionalism across Generations – Presented by Diane Sauer, Raleigh Parks Recreation & Cultural Resources – https://mymediasite.online.ncsu.edu/online/Play/2b58e2c36aea4ac9b3a460c7e179e1a21d
The Importance of Taking Care of Yourself. Presented by Dr. Kim Bush – NC State Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management – https://mymediasite.online.ncsu.edu/online/Play/2f726c6b369046a9ad101acf16aa67d61d
All in a Days Work: From Front Line to Director. Presented by Sara Hensley – Austin, TX Parks and Recreation – https://mymediasite.online.ncsu.edu/online/Play/3a0165ab5da348f1b9dd4f50a21ba5881d
LeadHERship Lasts – Presented by Ednasha McCray, Greensboro Parks and Recreation – https://mymediasite.online.ncsu.edu/online/Play/26f1da76860c40b4a41adb21901422621d