AY 2016-17 Videoconferences

(PARTF Application Workshop, Pokemon Go, Emerging Technologies and Augmented Realities, Risk Management – Focus on Ziplines, Athletic Programs – Lightning Talk, Park Maintenance, Summer Camp, Big Ideas for Small Communities, Social Media)

AY 2015-16 Videoconferences

(PARTF Application Workshop, Unique Facilities, ADA Guidance for Park Planning, Youth Sports, Park Maintenance, Volunteerism, Summer Camp, Collaboration and Partnerships, Accessible/Inclusive Parks)

AY 2014-15 Videoconferences

(PARTF Application Workshop, Social Media, Legal Issues, Repurposing Parks, Park Maintenance, Summer Camp, Tourism Organizations and Local Parks: Strategies for Successful Collaboration, Art in the Parks)

AY 2013-14 Videoconferences

(PARTF Application Workshop, Arts in the Parks, Navigating ADA Requirements, Community Impacts: Making the Case, Park Maintenance, Summer Camp, Emergency Planning, Natural Playscapes)

AY 2012-13 Videoconferences

(PARTF Application Workshop, Youth Sports: Dealing with Difficult Situations, Special Facilities, Lightning Talk: Policy Update, Park Maintenance, Summer Camp, Emergency Preparedness, Economic Impact of Parks and Recreation)

2011-12 Videoconferences

2012-11 videoconferences are available in the RRS Video Archives Library

  • Defining and Branding Your Parks and Recreation Department
  • Volunteer Management
  • Professional Development & Training for Summer Camp Staff
  • Park Maintenance
  • Youth Sports: Creating the Best Possible Environment
  • Customer Service: A key to success or failure of your department
  • Do I Need a Mobile App for That?
  • What’s New in Pest Control and Pesticide Safety for Athletic Fields and Park Facilities

2010-11 Videoconferences

Please contact RRS for DVDs and presentations from past teleconferences.

  • Reinventing Your Summer Camp in Tough Economic Times
  • Effective Lifeguards: The Key to Successful Aquatic Facilities
  • All About Trails & Greenways
  • Customer Service 101 for Front Line Supervisors
  • Connecting Parks and Recreation Departments with Tourism
  • North Carolina Building Codes and the “Americans with Disabilities” Act.
  • What Makes An Effective Advisory Board?
  • Controlling Difficult Turf Insects and Weeds in Parks on a Tight Budget And Sprayer and Spreader Calibration for Turf Managers
  • Training the Next-Generation of Summer Camp Counselors

2009-10 Videoconferences

  • Conservation & Recreation: Working with Land Conservancies
  • Lean and Green: Educating Communities through Parks and Programs
  • Creative Programming & Financing for Special Population Recreation Activities: With or without a Therapeutic Recreation Division!
  • Identifying and Controlling Athletic Field Pests
  • Children, Nature & Summer Camps
  • Smart Practices for Recreation Access and Inclusion
  • Stepping Up to the Plate for Parks & Recreation – Citizen Advisory Boards
  • The Fun to Come! Trends Impacting Parks & Recreation. Changing culture, extreme sports, outdated facilities, pressure for revenue production?
  • Legal Issues: “It’s All About the Kids”
  • Taking the Fear out of Grant Writing