North Carolina Municipal and County Parks and Recreation Services Study (MCPRSS)

RRS conducts the MCPRSS each year to determine the current fiscal status of local government parks and recreation departments in North Carolina. To complete the study, a survey is mailed to all recognized local government park and recreation departments in North Carolina each August. Results are compiled and evaluated to complete an Executive Report on the findings.

The Executive Report provides information to local governments and park and recreation agencies to use in evaluating current services, budget preparation, budget planning and budget justification. The Executive Report is broken out by Geographic Region, Population Size, and Department Type and examines operating and capital budgets. Annual study topics alternate each year with a focus on trends, facility inventory, personnel salaries, and fees & charges.

The Executive Report can assist managers and administrators in making informed decisions on the operation of their agencies in the delivery of leisure services. No matter where your community is located, you may use the report as a tool to compare your department with other departments in the same geographic region, with same organizational structure, & serving the same population size.

Special summaries or comparisons are available upon request. If you need more detailed information on a more specific area of the study, please contact your regional RRS consultant. We can compile additional information to develop a specialized report to assist you.

Please contact Recreation Resources Service if you are interested in receiving assistance with the Services Study.