Please email Jenn Beedle for access to handouts and some recordings from the workshops listed below.

2011 eLearning Workshops

  • Handguns in Parks: NC Session Law 2011-268 House Bill 650. What it means in your community.
  • Lightning and Severe Weather…Is Your Department Prepared?
  • A Look at the New Political Landscape on Local, State and Federal Levels
  • Evaluating Technology for the Workplace
  • Managing Stormwater: Regulations and Treatment Practices.

2009 eLearning Workshops

  • Plugged-in-Parks (series of three e-Learning sessions)
    For some parks and recreation professionals, technology is a four letter word that is keeping people away recreation programs and facilities. This three part series will explain how the opposite is possible, as we explore how departments can use various technologies to better connect and engage with their communities
  1. Social Media & Networking- Facebook, Twitter & other Resources
  2. The GeoWeb-Connecting Parks to the People through the Internet
  3. Interactive Gaming- Movement for a Sedentary Society
  • Virginia Graeme Baker: Pool and Spa Safety Act
  • Fire ants, ticks & mosquitoes…dealing with your favorite pests
  • Preparing parks for the H1N1 flu virus
  • Budget Concerns Seem To Grow Daily