Park & Recreation Facilities: Planning, Design & Construction

RRS receives many requests for information on design, construction or maintenance of specific types of facilities. We strive to provide the most up to date information to assist you.

Our pnrinfo list-serv is a great location to post your question to other park and recreation professionals who may have recently encountered the same or similar question. To further assist you, we have collected information and organized additional resources on our Facilities web pages.

Click on the main menu above to view links to information on:

  • Playground Resources (design and safety)

  • ADA Resources (design guidelines, requirements, therapeutic recreation)

  • Trails (advocacy, construction, standards & design)

  • Fields and Courts (common facility dimensions)

  • Special Facilities (including aquatics, skateboard parks and dog parks)

Visit our Planning Resources page to find links to online planning resources for parks, open space and facilities.