The Connect NC Bond package, approved in March 2016, included one-time funding of $3 million for parks and recreation grants to benefit children and/or veterans with disabilities. Local governments, including some public authorities, are eligible to apply for the matching grants.  The program is administered through the N.C. Division of Parks and Recreation and the N.C. Parks and Recreation Trust Fund. Find out more about the program.

The matching grants can be used to build special facilities or adapt existing facilities that meet the unique needs of children and/or veterans with physical and/or developmental disabilities. Local governments can request a maximum of $500,000 with each application and must match the grant with at least one dollar of local funds for every four dollars in grant funds.

CNCB Grant Application
CNCB Application Workshop Video
ADA & Universally Accessible Facilities Resources
Children with Disabilities County by County Map
Military Veterans County by County Map

Please contact your RRS consultant with questions about the 2016 Park and Recreation Trust Fund Connect NC Bond Grant Program for Children and Veterans with Disabilities Application Workshop application process.