Conceptual Park Designs

Do you have a parcel of property for a future park and need assistance getting started with the conceptual layout?

RRS offers technical services in park planning for any community or agency working on a recreation facility.  We can provide information about field and court dimensions, outdoor facility orientation or conceptual layout of the park. We can help you determine what type of facilities can best fit on your site and provide information about resources for further assistance in park planning and development.

Conceptual Plans

  • A conceptual plan is a scaled drawing to help provide a concept of what will fit on the site.
  • It provides a starting point to help begin discussionYou may provide to future consultants (engineers, landscape architects) as a base point
    • with community or elected officials
    • to assist in gathering public input
    • determining park program
    • communicating for support

Note: you may not need our assistance if you are beyond the conceptual planning stage and ready to build. In those situations you may be ready to hire a landscape architect and/or engineer.

Getting Started

  1. Contact your regional consultant to discuss your project.
  2. Meet with our GIS / mapping specialist to visit the site and discuss the plan
  3. RRS will provide a proposal for your approval that outlines deliverables, time frame for completion and a cost estimate for the completed project.
  4. The time frame for completion varies with each project and is dependent on current projects in progress.

The Final Product

Please note that the plans produced by RRS are conceptual only. A conceptual plan serves as a starting point in the site development process. It simply presents an idea of the type and arrangement of facilities that may fit on the site. Although to scale, the conceptual site plan is not a suitable document for construction or estimates. Our assistance is intended to help a community get started with the park planning process by providing a conceptual plan for potential development of the site.

Typical Deliverables:

  • color site plan illustrating potential development within the park boundaries
  • accompanying report describing conceptual layout and summarizing results of the planning process
  • resources and/or contact information to assist with the next step in planning or referencing special facility needs
  • final report includes color maps and is delivered in both hard copy and as PDF

Upon request we may deliver all digital data created for the project (GIS data files) for your future use and continued planning efforts.  The number of plans produced and report detail may vary with each project.  The final product is determined by each community and is outlined in the proposal for service.

Cost for Conceptual Plan Assistance

The minimum cost to complete a planning project is $500.00. Costs for projects have ranged between $500 and $6,000 depending on project scope, deliverables and complexity of the site design.
Please contact your regional consultant or Charlynne Smith.

Since 1995 RRS has provided planning assistance to over 50 NC communities