A beta version of a bicycle/pedestrian cost estimator tool (and associated study report) is now available on NCDOT’s Connect website.  See here: https://connect.ncdot.gov/projects/BikePed/Pages/Guidance.aspx


The Excel-based cost estimator tool uses sample cost data from across the state to estimate various construction cost elements. Users provide project input data in order to generate cost estimates for a variety of bicycle/pedestrian facility types (sidewalks, bike lanes, shared use paths, etc.).


The associated report outlines the sampling methods and collection of project cost data, cost categories and elements and their estimated costs, and the functionality/operation of the cost estimator tool.


The value of this beta version of the tool is greatly dependent on the inclusion of a comprehensive set of sample construction cost elements.  Therefore, reviewers of this tool are encouraged to submit to NCDOT any reliable sample cost data for future incorporation into the model/tool.