Fall 2016

Previous semester videoconference recordings are available free of charge.
Spring 2016 Recordings Library

September 2016 – Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Application Workshop
Recreation Resources Service (RRS) conducts a free workshop for local governments to explain the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) application process and requirements. The PARTF application teleconference workshop is a must for all those applying for a PARTF grant.  Contact your RRS Regional Consultant for more information or to discuss your project. For more information about the PARTF grant can be found on the NC Division of Parks and Recreation website.


October 2016 – Pokemon Go, Emerging Technologies, pokemon in handand Virtual Realities in Parks


  • Understand the advent of Pokemon Go and its and effects on parks and outdoor education sites.
  • Explore examples of North Carolina parks and outdoor education sites using Pokemon Go to attach and educate visitors.
  • Examine possible best practices based on experiences of other parks.
  • Discover practical applications that Raleigh Parks have used of Pokemon Go and how to use successfully in your own park
  • Develop an understanding of the current research in the use of virtual reality in interpretation, environmental education and other park activities.

Presented by:

Marty Wiggins, Environmental Education Program Consultant of the Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs, North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality

Cara McLeod, Marketing Director of City of Raleigh, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department

PANEL: Michael Cuales, Associate Director, Creative & Multimedia – Instructional Technology Support and Development, and Michael Kanters, PhD, Faculty and Professor, both of NC State Distance Education and Learning Technologies Applications (DELTA), with Charlynne Smith, Geospatial Analytics Research Associate of RRS moderating.

November 2016 – Risk Management: Focus on Ziplines

December 2016 – Athletic Programs – Lightning Talk

Spring 2017

February 2017 – Park Maintenance


  • Understand how to identify and develop chemical control strategies for weeds and pests that are environmentally safe and responsible.
  • Learn how to identify common species of insects within parks and how to design a management plan that mitigates harmful impacts on the environment, but is effective at managing insect populations.
  • Become acquainted with tree planning/maintenance including planting, mulching, pest and weed control and proper planting locations.
  • Discover cost-effective management strategies to control parasites and weeds in turf to prevent diseases.


March 2017 – Summer Camp

April 2017 – Big Ideas for Small Communities

May 2017 – Social Media