Fall 2015

Previous semester videoconference recordings are available free of charge.
Fall 2015 Recordings Library

September 2015 – Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Application Workshop
Recreation Resources Service (RRS) conducts a free workshop for local governments to explain the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF) application process and requirements. The PARTF application teleconference workshop is a must for all those applying for a PARTF grant.  Contact your RRS Regional Consultant for more information or to discuss your project. For more information about the PARTF grant visit our PARTF web page.

October 2015 – Unique Facilities


  • Discover unique facilities designed to cater to trending park programs, user experiences, activities and events in local parks.
  • Understand the management implications and maintenance requirements of these facilities.
  • Lean how to budget for the planning, design and construction of unique facilities that meet the specific needs of your community residents.


  • Troy Fitzsimmons – Director, Cornelius, NC Parks and Recreation and Cultural Resources Department
  • Speaker Panel – City of Raleigh Parks, Arts, Recreation and Culture

Four Pathways for Public Participation in Park Planning
Unique Facilities Town of Cornelius

November – 2015 ADA Guidance and Information for Park Planning
It is vital to develop new parks and have a plan to bring existing parks in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, but keeping up with current ADA and ABA standards can be a challenge. Recreation Resources Service has invited representatives from the United States Access Board and North Carolina Department of Insurance to share their expertise on accessible design, accessibility guidelines, requirements and standards.


  • Provisions for outdoor developed areas including trails, beach access, picnic and camping areas
  • Implications of the 2013 Guidelines for Outdoor Areas
  • North Carolina requirements for trails and greenways.
  • When to provide accessible route to the sport activity making the sport activity accessible
  • Overview of ANSI Ch. 11 provisions for recreational areas with NC changes, including next potential NC code change


  • Bill Botten  – Accessibility Specialist, United States Access Board
  • Laurel Wright – Chief Accessibility Code Consultant, NC Department of Insurance

NC Requirements for Recreational Facilities
US Access Board Federal Requirements for Park Facilities

December – 2015 Youth Sports Topics


  • Understand the nature of potential conflicts and how to prevent and intervene
  • Learn how to better manage and create tournament schedules
  • Become introduced to trending, unique sports programs and the tools and resources needed to provide them


  • David Guthrie – Youth Sports Director – Semper Fit Department, MCCS
  • Jennifer Bennett – Outdoor Recreation Manager, Jackson County Parks and Recreation
  • Gary Leonhardt – Director, Morganton Parks and Recreation

Unique Programming
Conflict Crisis Management
Morganton Field Request Form

Spring 2016 Topics

Videoconference recordings are available

January 2016 – Park Maintenance


  • Understand how to identify and develop chemical control strategies for weeds and pests that are environmentally safe and responsible.
  • Learn how to motivate maintenance staff to improve their supervisory and leadership skills to better care for park facilities
  • Define the relationships between manager, supervisor, leader and management supervision and leadership
  • Become acquainted with urban forestry planning/maintenance including planting, mulching, pest and weed control and proper planting locations.


  • Matt Stevens – NC State Agricultural Extension Agent – Nash County
  • Ken Hisler – Recreation Superintendent – City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
  • Sally Thigpen – Assistant Recreation Superintendent – City of Raleigh Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources


Leadership & Supervision
Urban Forestry Planning and Maintenance
Identification and Control of Weeds and Insects in Public Spaces

February 2016 – Volunteerism


  • Philosophies on volunteerism
  • Strategies that excite people to become and stay on board as volunteers
  • How volunteers become advocates and champions for organizational goals
  • Volunteer Impact
  • Communicating with, scheduling and leading volunteers


  • Brad Allen, President and Executive Director – North Carolina Senior Games
  • Lynn Harrell, Associate Director – North Carolina Senior Games
  • Harriett Edwards, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist for Volunteerism in the Department of Youth, Family, and Community Sciences at North Carolina State University

Example Documents, Presentation Slides and Handouts

March 3 – Summer Camp
April 6 – Partnerships and Collaboration


  • Learn the concept of social construction and how it affects neighborhood residents, facility staff, and park users.
  • Learn the difference between a community center operated on a “public service” model versus a “corporate” model.
  • Learn the difference between strong ties and weak ties and the importance of fostering bridging ties.


  • John Henderson – Research and Evaluation Manager – Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Research Brief – Why Parks and Recreation Agencies Fail to Seize Community Development Opportunities: Suggestions for Improving Collaborative Success

Presentation – Using Park and Recreation Facilities to Foster Collaboration and Community Development


May 4 – Accessible/Inclusive Parks: Part One; Part Two