Assistance for Citizen Parks and Recreation Advisory Boards

RRS provides the following assistance to local governments for the establishment and development of citizen park and recreation advisory boards:

  • Guide local governments through the process of establishing a new advisory board
  • Assist with restructuring an existing board
  • Draft new ordinances and by-laws or revised outdated ones
  • Assist with developing board manuals
  • Provide training, orientation and development to boards including, but not limited to:
    • Why boards are important and how they can make a difference
    • Roles and responsibilities of boards and individual members
    • Keys and tools for the success of boards and individual members

Citizen Advisory Board Information

New Board Member Orientation (by Vonda Martin)
CBM Orientation Booklet
CBM Advisory Commmittee Functions

Board meeting Guidelines,
Importance of Advocacy (by Barry Ford)If you are interested in this type of assistance please contact your RRS Regional consultant to discuss what services we can provide.