Dr. Teresa Penbrooke – Professional Communications

Successful communication skills are critical to professional growth because all positions involve writing, reading, editing, speaking, listening, software applications, and internet research, to at least some extent. Understanding professional communication concepts can help convey sophisticated perspectives in translatable language, and help a professional persuasively make the case for what needs to be done. This session will highlight necessary technical skills, along with the roles of emotional intelligence, fears and challenges, and tips for overcoming issues as they arise.

Michelle Hepler – Transitioning with Success: The importance of planning for transition into a new position

Michelle will lead the group and help them explore the importance of planning successful transitions into new leadership roles. Through interactive discussions, the attendees will work together to identify and share tips for success, as well as determining key behaviors and actions to avoid once in the new position. Ideas for conducting self-assessments and evaluations will be shared, providing framework for a comprehensive transition plan, from day one to the annual review.

Jennifer Warner – Managing Up        

The best thing you can do for your career is to align yourself with the right people. And what better place to start than with your manager? Creating a true partnership, rather than a hierarchical relationship, is the key to success for you, your boss, and your organization. Learn how to identify the action steps needed to create a plan for managing your manager and achieving personal and professional goals in the process.