2019 NCPRDC Conference Program


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Session I- For Richer or Poorer-Tori Spaugh & Debbie Woodberry

Session II- There is no place like the pool: Universally appealing Watertainment and Wellness– Craig Bouck & Douglass Whiteaker

Session III- Elevating Equity-Nonet Sykes

Session IV- Just Gimme a Number– Craig Bouck and Mick Massey

Lightning Session – ADA and Inclusive Leisure Today

Session V – Greenways and Gentrification: Planning for Diverse Communities


Dr. Kofi Boone Presentation, NC State, Department of Landscape Architecture

Mr. Chuck Flink Presentation, Greenways, Inc.

Dr. Brandon Harris Presentation, University of Arizona

Dr. Lincoln Larson Presentation, NC State, Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Closing Session – Best and Next Practices: Strategies for Serving the Underserved – Carolyn McKnight, BREC

Keynote Presentation- Preparing Our Parks For a Changing Climate – Elizabeth Gardner-WRAL Meteorologist