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Grant Basics: Where is the Money?

Grant Acquisition Basics

It is best to begin the grant application process with a fully planned project in mind, and then look for funding assistance sources. You don't walk into a bank to ask for money without a business plan in hand, so have your project or program thoroughly researched and planned with budget estimates as you begin your search.

The type of project or program you are seeking assistance with and your timeline for implementation may determine where to look for funding. Look at our Funding Source Comparison chart to see how grant programs typically operate.

RRS Grant Administration

Through a cooperative agreement with the NC Division of Parks and Recreation (DPR), RRS administers two park development grant programs for local governments:

  • Park and Recreation Trust Fund (PARTF)
  • Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)

Assistance: RRS regional recreation consultants are available to answer questions about each grant program, provide feedback about potential projects and review application proposals.

Eligibility: Each of the grant programs above is available for local governments (NC counties or incorporated municipalities) to apply for funding. They are for construction or renovation of park facilities, and may be used for land acquisition.

Other Grant Resources:

Several other grants are available for park and recreation needs through State of North Carolina agencies. Please visit our Grant Resources page to find links to those programs as well as other Federal agencies and private foundation resources.